PHP development has had a great impact in providing dynamic websites which provide increased functionality to a webpage. PhP allows websites to perform real-time data processing, which is the primary reason for its tremendous popularity.

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, which means this language holds the capability to process all the data received from the client’s side or user side before sending back as a hypertext. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language which is used for web application development that provides a platform to develop dynamic websites.

Sites developed with PHP give the advantages of both, simplicity of HTML, and to present the data on a network with real-time processing capabilities. This lets various websites to function not just as a platform to display content but to work as an online application to perform a particular task. Various features of PHP development are:

  1. Open Source: PHP is an open source technology, which means its source code, development environment etc. are freely available. Also, PHP community is continually developing new functionalities of this language thus improving its code package, base libraries and various classes.
  2. Simple & Easy: PHP developed websites or applications have much simple code to write or understand. The level of complexity of a php code is much lesser than its competing technologies for developing web applications or dynamic sites.
  3. Platform Independent: Applications developed in PHP are platform independent and can be executed on a variety of platforms and web servers. Websites developed using PHP can be hosted on nearly all the web-servers available in the market. The only constraint which can be considered is the version incompatibility, which is also not a major issue because most of the time servers are back-compatible with the language versions.
  4. Enhanced graphics: PHP can be used to generate images dynamically or at run-time. Using the image functionalities, more number of image formats could be supported in a website or web application.