About Publishing

Book publishing is a team effort that is guided by the curriculum requirements for every subject. Within this framework authors, scholars and writers conceive the idea for a book, frame a scholarly approach and write the manuscript. The team of editors, content experts and reviewers evaluate the manuscript for accuracy of content, appropriateness of writing style for grade level, adherence to Board curriculum guidelines and effectiveness of the pedagogy.We believe in the approach in which it will be most effective in the classroom and most competitive in the marketplace.

Eway provide world class publication services to Universities,institutions, individuals and society.

We are proud of having more than 100 titles for under graduate and post graduate level. Thousands of students are getting benefited with it.All our titles are available in printable as well as digital format.

Content Development

Eway has a wide network of authors who are school teachers, college lecturers and professors with a wide range of experience and qualifications. This pool of talent is spread across the country and is valuable for curriculum development; course and content development; study material preparation; web based editing and tutoring services.