About Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is the world’s largest and one of the most popular commercial open-source solutions ever developed. It has gained tremendous popularity across the globe within a short span of time due to its out of the box feature of being able to be customized quickly as per business requirements. It may also be described as the latest revolution in the customer relationship management segment.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be done through various medium and channels. Widely being used by small and medium enterprises, large user base enterprises are also warming up to it as it is the scalable platform and can be integrated easily with other applications in the IT landscape of the company. Recently IBM has replaced Siebel with SugarCRM for their 60,000+ user base.
Great look and feel, Tremendous Administration back-end and adherence to many customer relationship management best practices is the key feature of this solution.

Why to choose us?

We, at Eway IT Solutions, design and build custom SugarCRM web solutions for the businesses seeking affordable yet feature-rich CRM solutions. We help our clients in developing the customized form of CRM for the respective customers depending upon their need, want and desire.
Whatsoever is the business requirement of our client, we come up with any deliverables which eventually help organizations to do wonders to its “Valuable Customers”. It helps in meeting business needs by innovative ways and offering flexible, economical, user friendly business solutions.
We can proudly say that we have helped in bringing transformational change to the User Interface level and giving that extra ease to perform live & vivid business actions with the help of SugarCRM.
We as an SugarCRM delivery partner in India give 24×7 support to our customers with variety of options and packages exclusive tailored for your needs.
We have a team of right experts to work onshore and offshore for implementation, deployment, training and support.

Major Features of SugarCRM

  • SugarCRM services have been deploying 1.5 Millions individual in more than 26 different languages and well over in 120 countries.
  • Companies are enchasing SugarCRM by transforming its sales team to optimum level by leveraging its benefits.
  • Corporate are using SugarCRM in their smart phones and accessing data & information on a real time bases which is really wonderful as it helps in taking instant important and vital business decisions which becomes fruitful in short as well as long run.


Higher Deal Win Rates

The solution helps you to analyze which deals are your best shot and also shows you the history of why you lost a deal earlier with the client. This helps you to identify where you / your sales team need to concentrate to strike a higher deal rate.

Enhanced Customer Support

A CRM solution can help you track customer issues and assign it in an optimized manner. This ensures that you never have any situation which goes out of proportion and impacts your business in a wrong manner.

Cross Selling

Are you making the most out of your existing customers? You can inform them over an email physical reach may be limited but CRM can help you acquire new customers using Marketing Automation features which help you to attract new customers every day.

Promotions And Campaigning

Your physical reach may be limited but CRM can help you acquire new customers using Marketing Automation features which help you to attract new customers every day. You can also know which channel is driving business and which are not so that you can accordingly refine your marketing strategy.

Higher Sales Team Productivity

CRM servers to be a single platform for all activities and by having a better collaboration and streamlined flow of communication among the team members you can shorten the sales cycle.

Prioritization And Optimization

Have you ever wondered where you current focus should be at this instance. The solution does just that. With every user having their dashboard of to do things, it helps the users to make the most use of their capabilities. Automated workflows and alerts can help in ensuring that people get the right information without delays, thus making your company centered towards the customer.

Sales Industry

CRM is used by sales organizations in small, medium and large enterprises and we provide CRM solutions using Open Source software like SugarCRM and SuiteCRM Community Edition OR SuiteCRM professional edition and Salesforce (SFDC).
Our Sales CRM solutions assist, sales organizations to be efficient in lead conversion and closing deals whereas effective lead tracking and lead management is the key for any successful sales organization.
Sales executives and managers in Retail, eCommerce, and online shopping firms utilize our CRM solutions to connect with their leads and customers and book other.

Manufacturing Firms

In manufacturing firms that sell their products online or through their sales teams and distribution channels, our CRM solutions have helped them in deal closure, proposal generation, effective order/asset management and tracking.

Service Industry

In Service industry, businesses like insurance agencies, driving schools, training institutes, real estate management firms, travel agencies, event management firms, salon and spas leverage our CRM offerings to communicate with leads and customers, schedule appointments, manage real estate assets, collaborate with customers in verification and signing of documents, asset management.